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Buying, Owning and Maintaining
Boats and Yachts

Articles by David Pascoe, Marine Surveyor

Diesel Maintenance Or Lack of it

Corrosion in Marinas

Corrosion with 9 photos

Exhaust Risers

Electrical System Use and Maintenance

Docking in Style

Deck Leaks

All about Bilge Pumps

Illustration of Water Absorption From a Hull Interior

To Buy or Not to Buy  . . . .A Blistered Boat, That Is.

How to Install an Aluminum Fuel Tank

Maintaining Stern Drives

How to Repair Window Leaks

Bubble Boats : The Space Shuttle Goes to Sea

Reasons Why Screws Shouldn't be Used to Fasten Boat Parts

Top Twenty-Five Design Errors

Windows, Windows, Those, Leaky, Leaking Windows  

Failed Blister Repairs: A Case History and Solution 

How to Keep Your Boat from Sinking

Troubleshooting Problems Involving Engine/Shaft Alignment

The Wonderful World of Hull Blistering

Solving Chronic Battery Problems

How to Avoid Purchasing a Stolen Boat

Tips for Painting Fiberglass Boats

How to Decide if Buying an Older Boat is Right for you.

Keeping the Pleasure in Pleasure Boating

Safe Harbor :Hurricane Preparation 

High Tech Materials in Boat Building


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About Author:
David H. Pascoe is a marine surveyor (retired) with 40 years' experience.

He is author and publisher of power boat books:

"Mid Size Power Boats"
"Surveying Fiberglass Power Boats" 2E
"Buyers' Guide to Outboard Boats"
"Marine Investigations"

Visit  for more than 160 online articles.

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